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Framing Services

I provide a professional picture framing service

I offer a full Bespoke Picture Framing service which means I give the same amount of attention to every job I do,regardless of size, or quantity and try and fit in with customers needs and offer advice wherever possible.

With a large selection of moulding and mounts available I feel that I offer a massive selection for any item you may have to be framed.

Whether its a full framing job or a replacement glass just give me a ring and ask for a quote.

I do a lot of framing for people who have been recommended  by existing customers, who return themselves with all their framing jobs.

As well as framing photos, I also frame Pastels, Oils, Water colours, 3D Objects, including Medals, Football / Rugby shirts and Cross Stitches. I also stretch canvases. In fact anything which can be displayed to its best in a bespoke frame !!!
I can arrange the printing of you photos / prints e.t.c. (Please ring for details).

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